Frequently Asked Questions

General Paintball Questions

There are two ways to play paintball.

Option 1 – Walk-ons aka Open Play:

-Normally for walk-on play reservations are not required but there are days that fill up so to guarantee your spot, we highly recommend making a reservation

-Bring as many players as you like or show up solo.  Walk-ons are mixed together to form one big group for epic games on all of our different playing fields.

Option 2 – Book a Private Party:

-Reservation required at least 72 hours in advance.

-Private parties will not mix in with any other players, completely private games!  Ideal for birthday parties, corporate team building and other group occasions.

-Click here to make a private group reservation

To make a reservation, book through our website here.

For weekday and last minute games, call (770) 974-2535

Paintballs are designed to be as painless as possible!  Like all sports a certain amount of pain is involved.  As long as you have your arms & legs covered with pants and a long sleeve t-shirt it will help lessen the impact.

We also have a new “Low-Impact Paintball” option.  It’s the same price, the paintballs are just smaller!  Great for first timers and young ones.

The minimum age to play traditional paintball is 10 years old, however we have equipment that allows players as young as 8 to play in a private party.  Call for more info (770) 974-2535

Our paintball park carries premium grade paintballs and rental equipment.  We ask for all of our customer’s safety that only our paintballs are used at Arkenstone Paintball Park.  Players are welcome to bring their own paintball guns, goggles and other playing equipment.  Any player caught bringing in paintballs not sold by Arkenstone will be ejected immediately without refund and may be subject to a permanent ban from our paintball park.

YES! Arkenstone Paintball Park is open rain or shine.  Cancellation due to weather to be determined by Arkenstone only on the morning of play.

YES!  For our safety and yours, all players are required to fill out a waiver every time they play paintball at Arkenstone Paintball Park.  Parents must sign for all children 17 and younger.

Paintball Waiver – Click Here!

Airsoft Waiver – Click Here!

Low impact is a brand new type of paintball game that uses ammo with nearly 50% less impact when it splats!

Great for first timers and youngsters, low impact paintballs use all the same equipment and games are played on all the same playing fields.

Aside from the ammunition being smaller, low impact groups use equipment that is turned down to a slower speed to lessen the intensity of the gameplay.  

A Private Party means that your paintball group will have it’s own referee and your group will not mix in with the regular walk-on players! Every game of paintball during a private group is 100% exclusive to your group.  No strangers allowed!

Private Groups receive their own referee to coordinate and assist the party and a discount on rental packages!

All private groups can choose between Regular Impact or Low Impact paintball.  The only difference is the size of the ammo!

Each player will be provided with all of the paintball rental equipment needed. Amount of paintballs depends on the package chosen!

Private parties are available to book online for weekend days with a 72 hour notice. For weekdays (minimum of 10 players), please call for availability.

Loose fitting clothing. Long sleeved shirt with a collar or hoodie for neck protection and long pants. Both should be in colors that blend with the woods. Shoes that get good traction.

About 10 minutes early is plenty of time.

You can bring a cake or cupcakes and non-alcoholic drinks, but NO other outside food is allowed. We have drinks and food options available.

It is highly recommended that you don’t.

We do everything we can to maintain a safe environment, but the staging/picnic area is surrounded by a busy parking lot and is full of participants with paintball/airsoft guns.

An accidental discharge is painful and can be dangerous to a toddler or infant.

We offer bbq pork sandwiches, hotdogs, corn dogs, grilled chicken sandwiches, and meatball sandwiches (depending on availability). A sandwich, chips, and a drink costs $5.

We also sell candy, chips, and drinks separately for those not wanting a full meal.

No. When booking a private party at Arkenstone, we are blocking off a time slot for your group that may not be able to be filled closer to the selected date, therefore deposits are NOT refundable. Be certain of your play date before booking.