• MASKS ON! Absolutely no exceptions!  The most important rule we have at Arkenstone Paintball is that your protective paintball masks (also known as goggles) MUST be worn AT ALL TIMES when players are within the “Masks On” designated areas. Absolutely no exceptions! If a staff member sees you taking your mask off during game play, you will be asked to sit out a game. If you take your mask off a second time, you will be disqualified from playing paintball at Arkenstone Paintball Park for the day without a refund.
  • Absolutely no shooting over the netting is tolerated. Failure to comply will mean automatic ejection from our facilities without reimbursement and may result in a permanent ban.
  • Field Paint Only! Arkenstone Paintball Park needs to protect you, the players, from paintballs that will stain your clothes, clog up the rental guns, and may be unsafe. For these reasons, it is mandatory that all players use paintballs purchased from Arkenstone Paintball Park when using our facilities. Anyone caught using paintballs not purchased at Arkenstone Paintball will be ejected from the premises without a refund.
  • Max Velocity: 280 Feet Per Second All paintball markers must be set at 280 fps, no higher (rental equipment is pre-set at this speed). Players may be asked to be chronographed at any time in the day. Excessive velocity speeds may result in ejection from park.
  • Watch where you shoot! No blind firing is allowed at Arkenstone Paintball Park. Blind firing is defined as holding your gun in a way where you can't see where you are shooting.
  • Alcohol No alcoholic beverages or drugs are allowed on location. Anyone who has been drinking or appears intoxicated will be asked to leave.
  • Cover Up! Players must have working (industry approved) barrel sleeves / covers  or barrel plugs and must have them on markers 100% of the time outside of the designated playing areas. All rental equipment comes with barrel sleeves.
  • Respect Your Rental Gear Although we realize that accidents happen and equipment does break, we reserve the right to determine if there has been excessive mishandling of equipment and if financial restitution is warranted.
  • Referees have final say. Respect your fellow players.

Click the button below to complete the Georgia Paintball Park Waiver

ll players are required to have a waiver completed prior to participation. Minors under 18 years old must have an adult fill the waiver out for them.